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Your gifts provided mobility for this retired blacksmith

James lives in Sierra Leone. It's a country in West Africa, on the Atlantic Ocean. Today, it's known for the white-sand beaches lining the Freetown Peninsula.

As a Mobility Worldwide donor, your gift of time, money, and resources to this ministry in all likelihood reflects your love for Christ. James is so thankful for your gifts. Your made it possible for him have mobility. It's a gift that he has not had since he was small child.

As a child, James contracted polio causing intense muscle pain and sensitivity. Though he has muscles which are paralyzed, preventing him from being able to walk, James courageously apprenticed as a blacksmith.

How amazing is the character of this man who worked his entire life as a blacksmith, a demanding occupation, yet suffering each day with such a painful malady as polio.

Never marrying or producing children, James has no family to assist him in his advancing years. He is 58 years and now retired from blacksmithing.

James lives in a small shelter for the disabled.

Because of generous gifts by donors like you, James now has a Mobility Cart!

Before receiving his Cart, James used a board to aid him in navigating obstacles, not the least of which were open sewers. He is so thankful for your gift!

James' Cart was given to him by Orthotic Rehabilitation and Medical Services. ORMS-SL is a registered Disable Persons Organization that aims at transforming disables across Sierra Leone.

James is so happy for the gift of mobility which donors and volunteers like you have made possible for him to receive.

James, whose legs are totally paralyzed, used to carry a wooden board to help navigate city streets and open sewers. 

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