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Benson Gitau and his mom are so thankful!

Because of you, this little boy's and his mom's lives are so much better.

Seven years ago, Benson, a six-year boy, living in Kenya, who could not walk. Benson's mom carried him wherever she went. This was a very difficult situation for the two of them.

Your gifts enabled Partners for Care to give Benson a small Mobility Cart which fit him just right. For seven years, he has thrived, using his cart for therapy, school, and church and visiting friends - like any little boy would do.

Benson's mom says, "PFC changed our lives!"

Today, six-year old Benson is now thirteen. The Mobility Cart that he formerly used is now too small for him.

It would be such a tragedy for Benson to again face a life of immobility because he outgrew his small Mobility Cart.

Happily, Partners for Care, because of your support, was able to give Benson a new full size Mobility Cart.

Benson wears a smile everywhere he goes.

"PFC changed our lives," exclaimed Benson's mom. "The burden of carrying my son's been relieved!"

"Benson is our hero," says his teacher.

"God bless you for donating Mobility Carts to the needy in Kenya" says Benson's mom. "Without it, Benson would be immobile."

Benson is now 13 and was recently given a large Mobility Cart. "It is a blessing," says his mom, "thank you for caring about my son and walking this journey with us.!"

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