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Your gift of a Mobility Cart gave Jurken an opportunity to become an entrepreneur

"Losing my parents at a young age was tough."

His name is Junken Assa Zoneka.

Having polio since a young age, Junken has never been able to walk.

For most children living in Kenya, a situation like this would suggest a future as a beggar or worse.

Because of kind and caring neighbors, Junken was able to attend Gede Special School in Kilifi. Fortunately for Junken, Partners for Care, our hard-working ally in distribution, gives to leg disabled children at Gede Special School, Mobility Carts which donors like you have generously provided.

Junken's mobility needs were met with a Mobility Cart.

After completing school, Partners for Care gave Junken a new Mobility Cart equipped with a cooler. Happily, Junken was able to set up a small business, selling cold items at eateries and marketplaces.

Because of Junken's success as an entrepreneur, his friends now call him "Madonge" which means "ice cube."

"The gift of mobility and cooler has completely changed my life! It helped me start a business, giving me the means to pay for my brother's education and basic necessities and experience the joy of purpose and recognition. Thank you!"

Thanks to your gifts of time, money and resources to Mobility Worldwide of East AL and West GA, Mobility Carts are being built at a rate of 20 each month. Because of you many additional young men like Junken will be able to experience a life worth living.

Junken is so happy that kind and caring donors like you were compassionate towards him. With your gift of mobility, Junken's friendly, hard-working character is exhibited daily as he serves each of his customers.

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