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Ydi gets his Mobility Cart! "Now I can go to school and play with my friends."

Ydi and his siblings live alone with adult supervision, relying on the generosity of neighbors to be fed enough to survive.

You may remember my July 17th post, the story of Ydi.

Ydi, is one of 4 precious siblings who live without an adult present in a red mud hut. The oldest sibling, sister Fausia, is only 15. Sadly, both parents have chosen to abandon their children in order to make a life with their new families and partners.

Ydi's plight came to the attention of Erin Tyson in June while participating in a mission trip with Come Away Missions of Phenix City.

Erin contacted Mobility Worldwide, hoping to obtain a Mobility Cart for the child.

Thankfully, because of donors and volunteers like you, who desire to share the love of Christ, there was a Cart available that could be given to take Ydi out of the dirt.

Come Away Missions team members worked in the Mobility Worldwide workshop, learning to assemble Ydi's Cart in the field.

The Cart was safely packed in suitcases and checked by the airlines on which the team traveled to Rwanda on July 18th.

Receiving his Mobility Cart on July 23rd, Ydi was so happy!

Thank you for making this compelling story possible. There are many other children like Ydi. Your gifts make it possible to help them to have dignified lives as mobility empowered human beings.

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