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What is Mobility Fest, and why should you care?

Hey Mobility Worldwide supporters!

Mark Saturday, October 28th on your calendar, because you don’t want to miss the family-friendly and free admission Mobility Fest at Woodruff Park, 1000 Bay Ave, Columbus from 9am til 3pm. Proceeds will benefit the leg disabled of Kenya.

Mobility Fest kicks off with the Mobility Fest Car Show and features food trucks, a concert featuring the Retrophonics, and the Mobility Fest Pedal-a-thon.

See Mobility Carts in action before they’re shipped to Kenya to change the lives of mobility challenged human beings.

Now that your curiosity is piqued, witness the impact Mobility Worldwide is having by checking out the stories on our website. Then sign up to sponsor your own Mobility Cart for the Pedal-a-thon!

Awards will be given for the best decorated Mobility Cart and for those who raise the most dollars for their team.

Registration for the Mobility Fest Car Show is from 8am until 10pm on the day of the show at Woodruff Park.

Register your ministry for Mobility Fest Pedal-a-thon, and earn money for your projects, call Jeff Carter at 706.570.2913.

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