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Thanks to you, Come Away Missions had a Mobility Cart for Yddi

"Hearing the neighborhood kids chanting his name is something I will never forget."

Jessica Taylor

Hear Jessica tell Yiddi's moving story. "We have known about Yiddi for a long time. He actually lived near the church that we work at in the village of Gahara in Rwanda, Africa. Every time I was there, I always wanted to see him. "

"When you see someone that is just laying there just breaks your heart to see them."

"Yet, I wanted to see him, and say hey to him and his grandmother and to see how they were doing. For a long time, I never saw any wheelchair. During the past two years I saw him with a very old wheelchair which barely moved."

"It was a beautiful moment to see Yddi's smile as he was presented with his Mobility Cart. It was something that would bring tears to anybody's eyes.”

Jessica Taylor

"It was an even more beautiful moment to see Yddi under his own strength, propel himself with the help of his Mobility Cart. Following behind were the neighborhood kids.” Until this day, Yddi lived the life of a nobody. Today, Yddi became a somebody,” says Jessica.

Your gift of mobility gave Yddi a confidence that he never had before. His face, usually sad and defeated, was replaced with a beautiful smile.

Come Away Missions is a Phenix City based ministry which exists to give God glory and empower believers to make Jesus known . Founded by Jessica Taylor and her husband Jonathan Taylor, pastor of the Village Church.

Yddi is sponsored by Come Away Missions sponsorship program. Currently 91 kids are sponsored.

"Our heart is for a person to come, build lasting relationships, find God’s calling, and invest in peoples’ lives. It takes time to build relationships, but once you meet the people, hear their stories, and allow God to move as he sees fit, you will be hooked," Jessica Taylor

Jessica Taylor and Come Away Missions have served families in the village of Gahara, Rwanda, since 2009.

Hopefully, Yddi will soon be able to attend school and later use his newfound mobility to help provide for his needs and those of his siblings.

Thank you for giving Yddi a life!

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