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Such a Large Obstacle for Such a Small Girl

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Because of you, children like Mtisunge can now experience a life of dignity rather than shame.

In a rural village in Africa, there lives a little girl named Mtisunge (Mitisungee) Rodrick.

Mtisunge’s village is called Mchinji (Michinji). It is located in the African country of Malawi near its border with Zambia. Like all of her neighbors, her family is poor. On average, Mtisunge’s parents earn less than $3.80 a day. Life is hard in her agricultural community. There is no electricity and water for household use must be carried from a stream located more than a mile from their mud hut.

Mtisunge has aspirations for her life just as we have for our own.

She would like to be able to go to school, to help her family with daily chores, and to one day marry and start her own family.

But Mtisunge faces a very large obstacle. Mtisunge was born with a birth defect that robbed her of the ability to stand or to walk. Mtisunge must crawl on the ground to move about the family’s small mud hut. To travel a longer distance, she must be carried by her parents. She requires help to bathe and to dress. Her disability prevents her from attending school and she is unable to help her family by participating in daily chores.If Mtisunge had a wheelchair, perhaps she would be able to achieve her dreams, but the roads in her rural village are not paved. Narrow tire wheelchairs like the ones we see in America would be useless in this setting.

Mtisunge’s life seemed to be hopelessly limited, until she was given a Mobility Cart.

Because of your gift to Mobility Worldwide, Mtisunge's life changed and she is so happy

She is now able to go to school. Her family is able to depend on her to help carry water back to their hut.

Her future looks bright, but Mtisunge’s story would not have had a happy ending if it were not for you.

Thanks to you, Mtisunge received the gift of mobility.

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