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Sadly, there are not enough Mobility Carts for everyone

There are not enough Mobility Carts available for Margret to have one.

Margret, a young adult woman who has suffered from Polio disease since she was a child, attended the cart distribution in Kilifi County.

For years, Margret has been dependent on her family to cook for her and to help her get around. She is unable to fetch water, walk distances, or help with preparing the ground for farming. As she did this day, if she wants to go anywhere, she needs to hire a motorbike with a driver to carry her.

Sadly, today, Margret did not receive a cart. Distributions are well planned and beneficiaries are selected in advance.

There are waiting lists as a result of the limited supply of Mobility Carts. Partners for Care receives 200 Mobility Carts in each container, but there are tens of thousands of leg disabled Kenyans who could be lifted from the dirt with the gift of mobility.

Margret's name was recorded, and hopefully she will have a Mobility Cart soon.

One of her goals, should she get a cart someday, is to be able to collect water in cans, since the water can be sold to support herself.

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