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Retiree finds the work of Mobility Worldwide to be extremely worthwhile

John Henderson is 85 years old and has a heart the size of a chest of gold. John serves in the East AL / West GA affiliate’s workshop for at least 6 hours each week.

John has been a volunteer with Mobility Worldwide since day one in 2017. “I’ve been doing it now from the beginning. I don’t think that I’ve missed any days. It’s enjoyable and one of the best things going right now for the volunteers.”

“I receive the joy of knowing that someone I don’t know or will ever meet is enjoying using this piece of machinery in the field. I can just see the faces from pictures of how much they enjoy having their Mobility Cart.”

Young Kenyan boy is happy to receive the gift of mobility.

“It’s extremely worthwhile for the world to be able to see what can be produced with just a little help."

John helped to construct the first workbenches in 2018. He even helped to build the very first Mobility Cart produced by the East AL / West GA affiliate.

Since the beginning John has served as the chief tractor assembler. The job involves assembling the various components which make up the front portion of each Mobility Cart. This job requires skill, patience, and care. Each Mobility Cart recipient depends on John for a reliable product.

He is a native of Phenix City, AL. He is married to Minnie Henderson. After his retirement from the Air Force and later after retiring as a Material Testing Technician, John volunteered for several years with Habitat for Humanity. John also continues to serve as treasurer of the Epworth United Methodist Church's Men's Ministry and he also heads the church’s food ministry.

Thank you John for always bringing your best!

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