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Pastor and poet desires to record stories of Kenyan beneficiaries

Keith Badowski has always wanted to take the risk of putting himself “out there” as a part of a foreign mission trip, but his work and busy schedule have always blocked this path.

“It was always hard to find the time to work it in.”

When his wife Christi told him that she was planning to go to Kenya with Mobility Worldwide to assist Partners for Care in distributing Mobility Carts to the leg disabled, Keith found his stimulus.

“It was very motivating that my wife Christi was planning to go whether I went or not. I didn’t want her to go without me!”

Keith and Christi are part of a small team that will journey together to Nairobi, Kenya to participate in distributing to the leg disabled 225 Mobility Carts.

“As someone who loves to write, I have learned how to observe, ask questions, and think through how things are connected to each other.”

Keith hopes to be able to interact with people who have been the beneficiaries of Mobility Carts and find out how specifically the cart has improved their lives.

“Hearing their stories, I hope to be able to write up narratives which can be used to communicate the value of Mobility Carts.”

Keith and Christi have been supporters to the work of Mobility Worldwide for many years. “While I don’t volunteer to build the parts for the carts, I donate financially and help spread the word abut the ministry whenever I get a chance.”

“My church collects plastic bottles to be recycled as packing materials for the carts. I do all this because the value of the carts is clear to me. It makes a life-altering difference for the better in the lives of people who have mobility related disabilities. It gets people up off the ground and enables them to do for themselves for the first time in their lives. So I think it will be extremely meaningful to see and experience first-hand someone receiving their Mobility Cart.”

“My prayer has been, ‘Lord, please prepare me and Christi for going, and please prepare what will happen there.’ I just trust the Lord will lead us in a meaningful way and that I will get something out of it.”

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