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My Journey from Sadness and Emptiness into Joy

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Sam III's life was changed the day he received his wheelchair

A spinal cord injury confined my son, Sam III, to his bed. As a father, I felt his pain. Confined to a bed he became sad and depressed. His world became limited to the four walls of his hospital room.

The day he received a wheelchair, his life changed. No longer confined to his bed, the wheelchair gave him back his mobility and dignity. Sam III got his life back.

As a father, I saw the beautiful benefits my son received when he received his wheelchair and was given the gift of mobility. He was joyful, could move about, and live again.

Sadly, In 2011, five years after his injury and as a result of his quadriplegia, I lost Sam. For me, it was a time of deep sorrow and emptiness.

I saw a short video in 2015 about the work of Mobility Worldwide. Because I had personally experienced the value of a mobility device in the life of a loved one, I immediately understood the ability of this simple little device to radically change lives. I knew at that moment that God was putting a calling on my life.

The prospect of lifting people out of a life of crawling in the dirt connected with me at a deep, spiritual level.

Through the ministry of Mobility Worldwide, God has led me out of loss and emptiness and has allowed me to bring joy to other fathers around the world who long for mobility for their family members.

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