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Mum seeks help for Eunice

Watching her daughter struggle in pain, crawling along rocky ground, mum was so happy to learn of the Partners for Care Mobility Cart program.

She was born without disability, but suffered from polio at the age of 7 months.

Eunice learned to crawl and even to attend school, but found it increasingly challenging as the soil around their home is rocky, leaving her feet and legs covered with painful sores and bruises.

Desperately, Eunice's mother tried to find her the help she needed, without success.

Then, one day, someone referred her to a Partners for Care Mobility Carts program Facebook post that had recently been shared by a friend. After contacting PFC, Eunice finally received exactly what she needed!

Today, Eunice is a 6th grade student at Utange Village school in Kilifi, Kenya. Now she rides high above the rocky ground - with no more sores or bruises. Eunice and her mum are very grateful for the gift of mobility provided to the family by Partners for Care and Mobility


There are many more children, like Eunice, and her mum, who could be grateful for your gifts.

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