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Life Savers can be more than a candy.

Imagine the sounds and smells encountered as you walk quickly through the maze of buses of the Githurai 44 bus stop in Nairobi, Kenya. You are searching intently for your connection.

"Candy, candy," shouts a young man selling sweets. The intonation of his voice breaks through the chaotic scene.

My attention is focused on the sight moving along in front of me. I later learned that his name is Stephen. He moves from vehicle to vehicle, selling sweets to the passengers.

Stephen is a young man who has proudly demonstrated determination and courage to overcome much adversity in his life. Only 31-years old, he has come to this humanity filled city to make a life for himself.

Stephen is a hard-worker who grew up in Embu, Kenya. Today, he lives and works in Nairobi, Kenya.

300 to 400 Kenyan schillings is not a lot of money to earn each day. Yet, Stephen manages to eat, clothe, and house himself with no additional assistance. Some days he earns less. He depends on his friends for a small loan from time to time and then repays them.

In addition to his desire to succeed, the biggest factor separating Stephen from the life of a beggar is his Mobility Cart. Without it, Stephen is no longer empowered. You see, Stephen is leg disabled and without his Mobility Cart, he crawls in the dirt and filth of the city streets.

People won't purchase sweets from a person dragging themselves on the ground.

Partners for Care gave Stephen his live saving Mobility Cart. Donors like you make this gift of mobility possible. Stephen thanks you so much!

"My biggest desire right now is to get to a level when I run my own kiosk or shop which sells more than just sweets. That will be progress."

Adapted from a story originally published by

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