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Jeff Carter on Volunteerism: "Everyone's Here for a Reason"

By Jeff Slaughter.

When Jeff Carter meets someone who's retired, he doesn't hesitate to tell them about Mobility Worldwide of East AL / West GA and the volunteer opportunities available to serve the leg-disabled in third world countries.

That's because Jeff believes that God has a purpose for everyone.

"Everyone's here for a reason," says the 66-year-old Salem, Alabama resident. "And everyone is trying to figure out what that reason is."

Jeff knows that one of his reasons is to see churches and non-profits come together for strength, collaboration, and to help each other. He likens the work at Mobility Worldwide to the way the Apostle Paul describes how the church should function.

"It takes a lot of different nuts, bolts, screws and other pieces to put a mobility cart together," he explains. "When the volunteers are in the shop, each one is doing their part. It's the same with the Body of Christ. We need each of the parts of the Body to do their part. It takes every piece to make the whole."

Grinning from Ear to Ear

Jeff remembers the first time he saw a hand-cranked mobility cart and heard how these carts were changing lives in third-world countries.

"I saw videos of leg-disabled individuals crawling out of huts, dragging themselves up on a mobility cart, and grinning from ear to ear," he said. "It was as if someone had handed them keys to a new truck. I knew then I was called to sow into this ministry."

Today, seven years later, Jeff serves as president of Mobility Worldwide of East AL/ West GA, a volunteer position in which he oversees the non-profit, champions its mission, and supports fundraising endeavors.

Volunteerism Gives Purpose

Jeff also spends fours hours a week in the shop helping make mobility carts. This gives him a chance to get to know other volunteers, many of whom are retired and looking for a purpose.

"Volunteering with Mobility Worldwide gives that sense of purpose," he said. "There's no greater joy than knowing that when one of our mobility carts is presented to a leg-disabled individual, it's given in the name of Christ."

What We Do With Today Counts

Jeff plans to retire soon so that he can volunteer even more for Mobility Worldwide, his church, and other local non-profits.

"As I get older in life, I realize more and more that the most precious gift I have from God is time," he said. "We are not guaranteed tomorrow, so what we do with today counts."

Jeff is marred to Jackie, his bride of 45 years. The Carters have two grown children and five grandchildren.

Are you look for a way to use your time, talent, and resources to lift leg-disabled individuals up to a more productive life? Email Sam Singer at: to learn how you can get involved!

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