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Happy wife no longer carries husband

By almost any measure, the poorest of the poor, living in the world today, are the leg disabled. And, nowhere in the world are there significantly more leg disabled than the country of Kenya in Africa. Without help, they crawl in the dirt.

John Siwon has crawled in the dirt for his entire life...73 years. In all of his 73 years, John has never had any sort of mobility device.

His chance for a normal life was destroyed by polio.

In spite of such hardship, John learned to repair shoes.

John is dependent on his customers to bring their shoes in need of repair to his modest hut. With no mobility, he cannot offer pick up or delivery.

In fact, his wife is frequently called upon to carry him from place to place.

In May 2023, one of John's neighbors learned about Partners for Care's Mobility Cart ministry.

What a blessing!

Because of your gifts of volunteer services and financial support, Mobility Worldwide has been equipped to manufacture and ship a large number of Mobility Carts to Kenya, as a gift, to those who crawl in the dirt.

Mary, PFC's Mobility Cart Program Director, traveled to Bomet County, a distance perhaps one hundred miles west of the city of Nairobi on terrible roads to bring John the gift of mobility.

John's wife was elated and praised God. "My prayers have been answered! My husband will no longer crawl. He has a new vehicle! And I have been given relief from carrying him."

John now rides his Mobility Cart to the market, where he repairs shoes. He has also received the blessing of being able to attend church under his own power. He is so grateful and adds,

"the Mobility Cart even helps me carry my work tools!"

Thanks to you and your desire to show the love of Christ, John's life has been rescued from the destructive curse of polio. His life has now become renewed in Christ.

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