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God Remembered John Rotich

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

John Rotich has experienced more pain and tribulation in his life than most of us would care to imagine.

Living in the village of Konin, Bomet County, Kenya, John developed polio at an early age.

Polio weakened John's muscles in his legs, causes pain, and leaves him with extreme fatigue.

In 2023, reports of new polio cases are rare, yet many still suffer it's effects.

John acquired polio 55 years ago. Since then, his only resort for mobility has been to crawl in the dirt.

Because of his inability to move about freely, John was never able to attend school.

In spite of no formal schooling, John received training as a cobbler.

After seeing the arrival of a container filled with Mobility Carts on Partners for Care's social media post, friends from John village located 138 miles from PFC's Nairobi facility, sent a message, along with his photo, to Mobility Carts Program Director, Mary Wang'ang'a.

Because of donors like you, it was only a matter of days before PFC was there to help.

John rose from the dust for the first time in 55 years.

Sitting in his new Mobility Cart, he cried,

"God has remembered me! My knees and hands will no longer hurt. I have legs now!"

Mr. Mutai, a village elder, said "I can sleep a happy man now that John has a Mobility Cart."

"God bless all involved in lifting our people. John will go to church tomorrow and have a front seat!"

John is so excited to take himself to church and to start a cobbler service in his village to feed his own family. The gift of mobility has truly transformed his life!

"God has remembered me! My knees and hands will no longer hurt. I have legs now!"

Thanks to donors and volunteers like you, Partners for Care and Mobility Worldwide continue daily to bring the gift of mobility to the leg disabled of Kenya.

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