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Brick mason's fall led to his immobility

Alfred lived and worked as a mason in Kenya, Africa. He was known in his community as a good, family man.

One day, while on the job, Alfred's life took a tragic turn when he fell from a height.

The injuries which Alfred received were catastrophic for him and his family.

Many things in his life changed as he learned to live without the use of his legs.

Alfred had to become reliant on his brothers to carry him from place to place. It was not an easy way to live.

Alfred's smile says it all!

A neighbor shared Alfred's needs with a member of the People with Disabilities group and his name was added to their long list of people in need.

Because of generous volunteers and donors like you, Alfred's prayers to God for a Mobility Cart were answered.

Working with People with Disabilities, Partners for Care presented Alfred with the gift of mobility.

"This Cart has restored my mobility," Alfred said with a great big smile!

Alfred now runs a business selling juices and has returned to church as well.

His brother Katana, said, "My prayers for my brother have been answered! He no longer needs to be carried!"

What joy and purpose the gift of mobility brings! Thank you!"

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