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Gisse has been blessed by God, not cursed.

In much of African culture, disabled people are considered to be cursed and are shunned from interaction with the rest of their community.

Disabled from birth, 12-year-old Gisse, has never been given a chance to participate in activities of play with his neighborhood's children.

Gisse's mother sells fruit along the roadside, earning a few shekels to feed her family. She carried him on her back until he matured and became too heavy.

Now, to get from one place to another, Gisse crawls in the dirt.

Gisse's disability has kept him from being able to attend school.

It's hard to imagine what it would be like to know the other children are attending school, day after day, and you could not.

What would Gisse's future hold?

Tragically, without your gift of mobility, not much.

But thanks to you, Gisse is now equipped with a Mobility Cart to attend school. The child has real hope for the future.

As an organization guided by our deeply held values of Christian charity, your gift of mobility is built and presented without regard to the beneficiary's social standing.

Consequently, your gifts, to those like Gisse, can help to change this wrongly held view that the leg disabled have been cursed.

Each day, as Gisse confidently moves about his village on his Mobility Cart, he is able to show his community that he has been blessed by God, not cursed.

Gisse and his mother are grateful for you and for Partners for Care, who identified Gisse, transported, assembled, and presented his Mobility Cart.

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