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Discovering a Movement in Kenya. Mobility Carts are making the difference.

Keith and Christi Badowski along with Sam and Jaime Singer, represented Mobility Worldwide of East AL & West GA. The four participated with Partners for Care in Mobility Cart distributions and follow-up visits with beneficiaries.

Wow! What a trip!

A small team from Mobility Worldwide of East AL & West GA has returned from a 7-day visit with our ministry ally, Partners for Care in Kenya.

We will reveal our findings over the next few weeks as we reflect on our experiences.

One thing is certain, God is moving in the Mobility Cart ministry of Partners for Care.

Over the past 15 years, Mobility Carts have made a difference in the lives of more than 3500 Kenyan families and their loved ones.

A leg disability is a devastating outcome for not only for the disabled person, but also for his or her family. Whether the result of an injury, disease, or circumstance of birth, leg disabilities affect entire families. Especially in poorer countries, persons who are immobile consume limited family resources. In most cases, the leg disabled loved ones are not capable of contributing significantly to the family's income.

All of that can change with the provision of a Mobility Cart from Partners for Care.

Partners for Care is a faith-based NGO, founded by Connie Cheren of Alpharetta, GA.

Connie is a registered nurse and social worker. She works as a consultant for nursing homes in the southeastern US.

Connie has put together an amazing Kenyan staff of 30 men and women who go to great lengths to show the love of Christ in every activity in which they engage. Kenyan operations are headed by Executive Director, Sammy Wanjau who has been with Connie on this journey since the beginning.

Mobility Cart distribution is managed by Mary Wang'ang'a. Mary has both an infectious smile and an unquenchable energy. These personal qualities are quite important for Mary who will work with 200 Kenyan partners to lift more than 2000 persons from the dirt in 2023.

Our Kenyan journey also led us to the county of Kilifi located on the Indian Ocean. Here, Peter Gunga heads up the ministry services of Partners for Care. In addition to Mobility Cart distribution, Peter also supervises PFC's computer and sewing schools. Peter invited us to participate in a Mobility Cart distribution for 15 families and their leg disabled loved ones. It was quite a blessing seeing these special people receive the gift of mobility, knowing that their lives were being changed in an instant.

There is much more to be told, but that's all for this week.

Peter Gunga heads up the ministry services in Kilifi county, Kenya for Partners for Care.

If you are a donor to Mobility Worldwide or to Partners for Care, thank you! Without you, none of this amazing work could be possible.

Mel West, co-founder of Mobility Worldwide, states: "If you do a good thing, and you do it well, tell people about it. Good folks will want to help."

If you are considering becoming a donor, you'll find that there is no more impactful work than that being done by this ministry. The gift of mobility is a testimony of God's love.

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