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All to Save a Stranger...

Kano Rents a Vehicle, Hires a Driver and Sets Out Across 122 Miles of Sand

Koya lived 47 years without a mobility device. Now she is so happy!

When Koya was only 19 years old, she began experiencing the loss of the use of her lower legs and an inability to walk. Her legs became disfigured, bent from the knee down.

Living in Korr, a village in the desert of northern Kenya, Koya had little to no resources to help her. In such a harsh climate where mobility is necessary in order to find necessities like food and water, life for Koya became very difficult.

Koya's mobility was restricted to the use of a “hand stick.” When that was not available, she learned to “walk” by bending from the waist and crawling with knees on the ground, supporting herself with her two hands.

Kano Daro of Partners for Care's Masabit location heard of Koya’s need and knew this was an opportunity to change her life. Kano rented a vehicle, hired a driver and set off across 122 miles of sand, through areas of tribal unrest to reach her.

Koya and her family were so happy when she was found and presented with a Mobility Cart, the first mobility device she had ever received. Koya had crawled on the ground for 47 years. The gift of mobility truly restores dignity, new hope, and changes lives like Koya’s!

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