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A Story of Ken Cheruyoit

Life can be a series of choices. Sometimes we make good choices, sometimes, not so good.

Ken Cheruyoit considered begging to be an embarrassment. So he chose instead to be self-reliant. This is a story about Ken and his choices.

"I work as a mechanic because I don't want to beg. I want to be self-reliant. I consider moving around begging to be an embarrassment."

Ken does not have legs which look and function like those of most of us. Rather, he "walks" on his knees, as his lower legs and feet aren't strong enough to support his body. His tibia, smaller fibula, and feet flop along behind, as he steps one knee, then the other.

To protect and relieve pain in his knees, he has fashioned a pair of old shoes in which his knees fit.

"I looked for old worn out shoes, I cut them and made holes, so my knees could fit. Then I sewed them as you see. This ensures I do not get injured by stones on my knees," says Ken.

Determined not to resort to begging, Ken was trained in mechanical skills and encouraged by a friend during his secondary school holiday break.

"My friend, Barney, told me he would train me how to be a mechanic. I told him I would go the next day to see if I could do it. He encouraged me, saying he knew I could do it if I tried."

"I felt encouraged and decided to give it a try. He trained me until the school holiday was over. It became a routine of training during school holidays."

Ken uses his Mobility Cart daily. He received it during a distribution in Bomet County from Partners for Care. Ken is now able to travel from his home to work with ease.

He is recognized as one of the best mechanics by truck drivers. They always look forward to his services. This nineteen year old young man lives in Tumoi, (Bomet County) Kenya.

"I can feed and buy clothes for myself through this job. I decided being a mechanic is my full time job."

"I have accepted myself as I am. I want to encourage my fellow young men not to give up on life or engage in crime or drugs or begging. "

"To whoever is watching me, find something you love doing and do it well. "

Ken's words are quite inspiring. It's not often we meet a young man with such a deep sense of hope. Especially one whose physical limitations are so great.

When asked the question, are you dating, Ken replied: "I am single for now, focusing on my career. I believe I will find love someday. "

Thanks to donors like you, Ken day goes much easier because of the Mobility Cart which he uses to get from his home to his work.

Ken is truly a man with inner strength and determination. Thank God for the encouragement provided to Ken by his friend Barney.

Today Ken has become an encourager as well.

He is a living inspiration for all of us. Our choices do make a difference.

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