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"A little ole spec of nothing" is her inspiration for giving.

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Shirley Goode is moved to emotion knowing the impact of a single Mobility Cart.

Shirley Goode gives intentionally, to help.

Shirley and her husband Ross have been married for 52 years. Ross is a retired Army officer. They have 2 children and 3 grandchildren.

“I grew up in church and am usually very involved, but with the cancer, I’ve not been able to do as much. I love helping out. I think this is a worthwhile cause that Ross and I can help.”

“I learned about Mobility Worldwide in our Sunday School class.”

Shirley’s inspiration for giving, honors her Uncle Spec.

“His first name was Jim, but we called him Spec. He was a fairly small man and his brother made fun of him when he was little and said, ‘You are just a little ole speck of nothing,’ and that’s what stuck.”

“He was a paraplegic after diving into a swimming pool. He broke his neck and for years he was pushed around in a regular wheelchair. About a year before he died, he got an electric wheelchair through the VA and he could go up and down the road.”

“His whole world changed. It opened up. That was his way to feel independent.”

“I heard about Mobility Worldwide and what they were doing and I thought about Uncle Spec. A donation in his name, I thought, would be a wonderful way to honor his memory

The Goodes are monthly donors.

“I just basically want to cry with happiness when I see someone making one.”

I think of this picture I have on my refrigerator of one of the leg disabled kids on the Mobility Cart and it just touches my heart. We don’t give to just give, we give to help.”

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