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"Magical car" aids an entrepreneurial pastor

Three times weekly, Pastor Samuel Kazungu would crawl over a mile through bushy and muddy paths to the river to gather reeds from the riverbank.

Leg disabled, father of five, and confined to crawling in the dirt, life was hard. Gathering reeds to make mats and baskets required the muddy crawl to the river.

It was not unusual for his children to miss school, not able to afford their required uniforms and tuition.

But that was before you changed his life!

Because of your financial gift to Mobility Worldwide, Pastor Samuel Kazunga now has his own Mobility Cart.

Now, with his own Mobility Cart, traveling to the river multiple times each week is much easier.

He has also become a local celebrity as the entrepreneurial pastor of the baptist church in his village, Mijomboni. He has become known as the businessman with a "magical car" even beyond his village!

He now has a prosperous basket and mat business in a short three months. Now his children attend school with all of their fees paid.

Your gift changes Pastor Samuel's life!

Pastor Samuel is very grateful to you, God, Partners for Care, and builders of the Mobility Cart for changing his life.

Because of you, Samuel now has a Mobility Cart and his children are attending school!

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