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"I Build to Restore Hope." Troy Singleton shares his heart.

Troy Singleton knows what it's like to be poor.

"There were opportunities I didn't have because we didn't have the money," he said. "But there was someone close to our family who helped us. And that taught me the importance of helping others in need, which is why I volunteer with Mobility Worldwide."

As a busy pastor of a growing church, Troy doesn't have a lot of spare time. But he gives six hours a week of time to serve in the Mobility Worldwide workshop, building Mobility Carts for people living halfway across the world who he will never meet.

"It's heartbreaking to know that there is someone right now in a faraway place whose only mode of transportation is to crawl on the ground. I can only imagine how hopeless and helpless that person must feel. The Mobility Carts we make right here in Phenix City, Alabama are restoring hope to the leg disable of Kenya and give them the ability to move.

"There's no better feeling when you see a life changed and know you had a small part in it."

Because of Troy's service, great things are happening in the lives of so many. As of this writing, 225 Mobility Carts, all of which Troy had a hand in building, are on a container vessel bound for our ally, Partners for Care in Kenya. This is because of the passion of this man and his desire to serve those who would surely have a meaningful life, if given an opportunity to help themselves. Thank you Troy!

"My driving force is to do as much as I can to help someone who wants independence."

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