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Formerly, Mark Churla couldn't do much for himself.

Suffering goes hand in hand with immobility. A person who is unable to move about freely suffers much. Suffering is how Mark Churla assessed his life.

"I used to walk with walking sticks. I couldn't do a lot for myself."

But Mark's life changed. Eight years ago when he was given a Mobility Cart by our ally, Partners for Care.

Mark lives in a poor, rural area of coastal Kenya, near the Indian Ocean.

"This cart helps me when going for long distances. It has changed my life. It has helped me to feed and educate my 11 children. I am so thankful!"

In order to carry more cargo in his Mobility Cart, Mark has extended its bed. "It helps me fetch water, carry stones, and to burn charcoal and take it to the market."

Because of your giving, more Kenyans like Mark Churla are leaving a life of suffering behind. Now it is possible for them to move about freely. Their lives have changed. Mobility Worldwide and our ally, Partners for Care, thank you for actively participating in lifting so many from the dirt. You are making a difference!

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