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Esther Wanjiku used to be rejected and sad because of spina bifida

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Esther was to be blessed by an angel

"Life for my daughter Esther has been very difficult. Her mobility has been very limited. Not able to walk very far on her own with two sticks, I carried my daughter to school and to church service," says her mother. "She was born with spinal bifida. My heart was broken because she was not able to participate in activities with the other children in our village. Spina bifida left her rejected and sad."

Then an angel sent a Mobility Cart to her. "Now my daughter can cycle to school on her own and she has made new friends. All the other children are curious about the Mobility Cart and want to ride it. I can now send her to the market for food, and she can comfortably visit her friends. Another blessing is that the Mobility Cart is also a great form of exercise and has helped my daughter lose weight gradually. This has improved her overall health which makes us both happy."

Thank you for being that angel who made it all possible for little Esther to receive the Gift of Mobility.

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