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Christ is counting on you.

Cut loose from the chains of immobility and despair, this young boy can now break out into a life where he experiences freedom of movement and joy. What a victory!

Our ally in Kenya, Partners for Care, diligently seeks out the leg disabled whose lives can be changed with the gift of mobility. Many have been found and are now awaiting the fulfillment of their dream.

In order to help PFC meet these needs, we have been requested to build and ship 100 Mobility Carts by the end of July. This is not too great a task for God, yet without your help, it won't happen. Your participation is desperately needed. We need 12 volunteers who will each serve 12 hours each month. Would you witness of your love for Christ by serving so that another might experience freedom of movement? Some may say, "I don't have skills for building Mobility Carts." It's important for you to know that we can train you. Most of our tasks are simple and don't require special skills... just a willingness to serve. You will feel welcomed and blessed. Please volunteer to serve now. Everyone has talents. Use yours today. Call or text me now: 706-570-4507

You can create a new victory!

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