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Because of your gift, Simeon overcomes tragedy

On the eastern coast of Kenya, in the county of Kilifi, bordering the Indian Ocean, automobiles move up and down the narrow paved roads which are shared by both humans, motorbikes, and goats. Simeon Tsofa, a 49-year-old Kenyan man, had walked along this roadside for his entire life.

Suddenly, seemly out of nowhere, a car struck Simeon.

Badly injured, little medical care was available for him. He was cut and bruised from the accident, but sadly, Simeon was also left a paralytic.

Before Simeon was struck and injured, he worked his small farm, where he grew maize and raised chickens and goats.

After his paralysis, Simeon was unable to walk. He can’t lift or transport the heavy jerry cans which are used to carry water from its source to his mud hut home, nor is he able to farm his fields as he had in the past.

Today, 6 years after the accident, Simeon received a Mobility Cart. Our small team from Mobility Worldwide of East AL & West GA were there to witness the event.

Simeon was very excited to learn that he would be receiving a Mobility Cart.

On this day, Simeon had to hire a motorbike (aka Kenyan taxi operator) to travel several miles from his home to the site of the distribution.

15 Mobility Carts were reassembled and distributed to those who had been previously been selected by Partners for Car and a local community worker through an application process.

Simeon’s Mobility Cart would be life changing for him. No longer would he have to pay a motorbike to transport him to the marketplace. He was now empowered to take action, to travel from place to place, and to carry out that desire with his own energy. Simeon’s independence was restored.

Simeon loves the freedom that he has received. Pictured with Jaime Singer (left) and Christi Badowski.

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