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Invitation to be a Pedal-a-thon Partner Ministry

Join the vision of Mobility Worldwide of East AL & West GA to make the world mobile as a Partner Ministry for our First Annual Mobility Fest Car Show & Pedal-a-thon. Your ministry’s adoption of a Mobility Cart will provide the gift of mobility to a person living in Kenya with a serious leg disability. Many are crawling in the dirt as their only means of mobility.

Register to become a Partner Ministry.

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What is it?

The Mobility Fest Pedal-a-thon is a great way to support the ministry of Mobility Worldwide while earning money for your own ministry activities. It’s a fun way to attract the attention of the East AL & West GA community to your ministry and to offer an opportunity for them to join in.


About Mobility Worldwide

Mobility Worldwide’s local affiliate is an all volunteer, 501(c)(3) organization. We were established in 2017. Since that time, we have built more than 600 Mobility Carts, at no cost to the beneficiary, showing the love of Christ to families and their leg disabled loved ones who are touched by our unusual ministry.

Tell me more

  • The Mobility Worldwide Pedal-a-thon is open to all area ministry organizations.

  • Register online and become a Partner Ministry.

  • Earn money for your Partner Ministry by participating in the Mobility Worldwide Pedal-a-thon. Adopt a Mobility Cart, paint and decorate it, sell lap sponsorships to your family, friends, and colleagues.

  • On event day, bring your decorated Mobility Cart, your Partner Ministry teammates, and complete your laps on your Mobility Cart at Woodruff Park Pedal-a-thon Course.

  • Adoption fee of a Mobility Cart is $350 payable after you have an opportunity to sell sponsorships for your ministry organization.

  • A People's Choice Award will be given for the best customized Mobility Cart, with many more prizes!

  • Recognition for the Partner Ministry which raises the most funds.

What's in it for my ministry?

  • Partner Ministries, on the day of the event, will be furnished with an area at the venue to set up a table for exhibition purposes. Be introduced to the audience and be given an opportunity to communicate your ministry’s vision and mission to the public. Give a shout-out to your Pedal-a-thon sponsors.

  • Wear your ministry-identified apparel and be recognized by the audience.

  • Receive a photo of your beneficiary riding your customized Cart.

  • Each Partner Ministry will be provided with contact information for all Partner Ministries, encouraging networking between Partner Ministries. Take advantage of the opportunity to network with other Partner Ministries which might provide complimentary services or opportunities to partner.

  • The Parade of Partner Ministries will feature each Partner Ministry.

  • A stage with a live band and food trucks will encourage the public to move around the venue and explore each Partner Ministry.

  • Be included in the listing of Partner Ministries on our website.

  • Suggestions for Customizing your Mobility Cart

  • Pick up your Mobility Cart at the workshop of Mobility Worldwide of East AL & West GA located at 12 Price Rd, Phenix City, AL 36867. It’s behind Epworth Church on 280/431.

  • Call or text Sam at 706-570-4507 to make a reservation for pickup. Customize (paint, decorate, convey sponsor messages, etc.) your Mobility Cart at the location of your choosing.

  • Remember that bright colors are always popular.

  • Customization should not extend the outside dimensions of the Cart as must be shipped in a standard shipping container.

  • The small metal tag attached to the Cart that has the VIN number should not be painted.

  • Display your customized Mobility Cart at your office, sponsor’s business, church, etc. until October 27th.

  • On October 28th, bring your customized Mobility Cart to the Mobility Fest Pedal-a-thon at Woodruff Park at 1000 Bay Avenue in Columbus. Return your Mobility Cart to the same location as you picked it up following the close of the Mobility Fest Pedal-a-thon.

  • See examples of customized Mobility Carts

  • Download this document as a pdf

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