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Mobility Fest

Mobility Fest Car Show

  • Register your car on the day of the show

  • Arrive at the Bay St entrance of Woodruff Park between 8AM and 10AM

  • Registration fee is $25. Cash.

  • Judging begins at 11AM

  • Any year car or truck may be entered in the show

  • Complete for the People's Choice Award and many other trophies

Mobility Fest Pedal-a-thon

  • The Mobility Worldwide Pedal-a-thon is open to all area ministry organizations.

  • Register online and become a Partner Ministry. 

  • Earn money for your Partner Ministry by participating in the Mobility Worldwide Pedal-a-thon. Adopt a Mobility Cart, paint and decorate it, sell lap sponsorships to your family, friends, and colleagues. 

  • On event day, bring your decorated Mobility Cart, your Partner Ministry teammates, and complete your laps on your Mobility Cart at Woodruff Park Pedal-a-thon Course.

  • Adoption fee is $350

  • People's Choice Award will be given for the best decorated Mobility Cart, with many more prizes

  • Recognition for the Partner Ministry which raises the most funds

  • See all the details

Partner Ministry Perks

  • Partner Ministries, on the day of the event, will be furnished an area at the venue to set up a table for exhibition purposes

  • Each Partner Ministry will be provided with contact information for all Partner Ministries, encouraging networking among between Partner Ministries.

  • The Parade of Partner Ministries will feature each Partner Ministry and showcase each vision and mission.

  • Listing of Partner Ministries

And More...

  • Food truck eats

  • Concert

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