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Your ship has come in!

Because you gave at the Auburn Heights Dinner to cover the cost of freight for one or more Mobility Carts, your ship has come in!

Connie Cheren, founder and president of Partners for Care, advised me today, December 9th that the container arrived early this morning. For the Mobility Carts, their 80-day voyage, which began for them on September 14th in Mobile, has come to an end.

But the story doesn't end here.

Soon, each Mobility Cart which you covered the cost of freight will be given to leg disabled recipient. When that day arrives, it will be one of rejoicing! Prayers will be answered, Christ's name will be proclaimed, and His Kingdom will come to another remote location on planet Earth.

Thank you for making all of this possible!

Without you, these 225 families and their leg disabled loved ones would continue to endure an agonizing existence characterized by the humiliation of crawling in the dirt, the scorn of others, and for many, the utter lack of hope.

Because of you, many positive outcomes are being produced. Thank you!

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