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Because of your gifts, 197 leg disabled will be lifted from the dirt.

It is a very happy day for me when I can report to you that your gifts of time, money, and resources have resulted in the shipment of 197 Mobility Carts!

Our friends Garrett and Jill Glass make it possible for Mobility Cart shipments to be first stored in and later shipped from their warehouse.

The Mobility Carts shipped earlier this week have been built over the past year.

This particular shipment contained 100 Mobility Cart Kits which will be assembled by the staff of Partners for Care, our distribution ally.

Volunteers have worked thousands of hours to construct Mobility Cart parts and components from the resources purchased with donor dollars.

We expect this container to arrive in Kenya at Partners for Care by early November.

Thanks to all of you who contributed in so many different ways to this shipment. Praise God who deserves all honor and glory.

On behalf of the 197 Kenyans who will soon be coming out of the dirt, thank you for your generosity! May God bless each of you and your families!

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