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Mobility Worldwide Relay Race

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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How it works

  • Pick up a Mobility Cart

  • Paint and decorate it

  • Return the Mobility Cart on Race Day with a team of 5 participants

  • Participate in a timed event over a planned course

Full Day Event

  • 5K Run with prizes

  • A Beauty Contest for Participant decorated Mobility Carts with prizes

  • Recognition for the ministry which raises the most funds

  • Food truck eats

  • Inflatables for the kids

  • Concert

Categories of Participants

  • Eligible ministries would include all local ministries, churches, youth groups, stand alone ministries 

  • There will will be additional divisions for businesses and schools

Ministry Perks

  • Ministry participants, on the day of the event, will be furnished an area at the venue to set up a table for exhibition purposes

  • Each ministry will be provided with contact information for each of the other ministries, encouraging networking among each ministry

  • The Parade of Participants will feature each ministry and what they are about

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