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Leah's life has changed because you showed her the love of Christ

Polio is a cruel disease. It steals not only one's mobility, but also one's dignity. Without help, polio victims have lost the opportunity for a real life. Sadly, those whom it afflicts suffer the devastating results for the remainder of their lives.

Leah Lubash, a 36-year-old single mother, contracted polio as an infant. Her only means to move from place to place was to crawl in the dirt.

Her home is a humble mud hut, located just a few miles from the Indian Ocean.

As a single mother of three, her life has been hard... very hard.

But today, Leah Lubash, is so thankful!

Because of generous Christian donors like you, Leah is now empowered to move about her community with dignity. She no longer crawls in the dirt.

Leah was referred to Partners for Care by neighbors.

Happily, when Leah saw her new Cart, she began to cry.

"Now I will be able to escort my children to school, visit the market, and start attending church, which I have not done in a long time," says Leah."

Leah's life has changed because you showed the love of Christ in the form of a gift of mobility.

Thanks to you, Leah and her 4-month-old child are now empowered with the gift of mobility.

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