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Can you pack a Mobility Cart in a suitcase?

Have you ever wanted to pack a large Mobility Cart in a suitcase?

Well, a team from Come Away Missions identified a young eleven-year old boy, Ydi, whose life could be changed with a Mobility Cart.

But, there was a problem. The Mobility Cart would need to be packed in a suitcase, placed in checked luggage, and sent with the mission team to Rwanda.

The team left 2 days ago.

I don't have confirmation of the team's arrival, yet. Please pray that the suitcases containing Ydi's Mobility Cart arrived safely and that the Mobility Cart will soon be empowering for this child.

The CAM team first assembled, then disassembled, the Cart. Afterward, they packed it in a suitcase and a large duffle bag just days before their departure.

Your donations make all of this possible. Without your gifts of time, talent, and treasures, stories like this could not be told.

Come Away Missions team members, Parker, Jennifer, and Erin have Ydi's Mobility Cart packed away in these 2 black bags.

Allie, Erin, Jennifer, and Parker work to assemble, then disassemble and pack Ydi's Mobility Cart.

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1 Comment

David Oaks
David Oaks
Jul 22, 2023

I love this story and pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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