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A young girl shown before her Cart and after her Cart

Without help, this child crawls in the dirt.

We provide a hand cranked Mobility Cart which gives her a life.

Kenya Disaster Response

Because of recent devestation caused by flooding rains, our distribution ally in Kenya, Partners for Care has directed its staff to pause Mobility Cart distribution efforts so that the needs of those affected by the rising waters can be addressed. 

You can help. Please Give to Kenya Disaster Response!


Our Vision is to make the world mobile.


Our Mission

Your gifts to Mobility Worldwide of East AL & West GA provide the leg disabled of Kenya with hand-cranked Mobility Carts. Built by volunteers, there is no cost to the recipient – we reflect the love of Christ by freely giving mobility, dignity, and opportunity.

Our Core Values

By almost any measure, the poorest of the poor, living in the world today, are the leg disabled.


Nowhere in the world are there significantly more leg disabled than in the country of Kenya, Africa.


Without help, they crawl in the dirt.


Mobility Worldwide supporters show the love of Christ by providing heavy duty, three wheeled, hand-cranked wheelchairs which give them a life.

Partners for Care

Our Distribution Ally

Mobility Worldwide of East AL & West GA could not accomplish its mission without our distribution ally, Partners for Care. Partners for Care has helped to ease the burdens of people with disabilities in Kenya since 2007. PFC provides Mobility Carts which change lives  by providing mobility, dignity, and independence.

Photos on our website were provided by Partners for Care.

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